How to come to the central pharmacy?


Located in the heart of the ancient fortified city of Mézières, the Central Pharmacy is ideally located within the municipality of Charleville-Mézières. Located at the corner of rue Monge and Place de l'Hotel de Ville, you have many access possibilities to get there; Whatever your destination, you will always have a good reason to stop by our dispensary.

You get:

  • On foot: access to the Central Pharmacy via rue Monge or Place de l'Hotel de Ville.

  • In a wheelchair: disabled access, please ring the bell or contact us by phone so that we can facilitate your access.

  • By bike: possibility to hang your bike on street furniture around the pharmacy. Many accesses by tracks and cycle paths in particular via the banks of the Meuse.

  • By electric scooter, gyroroue: you can return to the pharmacy with your equipment if it is not bulky.

You want to park your car to go to the Central Pharmacy:

  • Place de l'Hotel de Ville: 20 short-term parking spaces (30 min); a parking disc is compulsory.

  • PRM spaces located less than 20 meters from the entrance to the pharmacy.

  • Many parking spaces possible within 50 meters of the pharmacy, in particular rue Monge.

You want to come to the Central Pharmacy by public transport:

  • Stop "Hôtel de Ville" located less than 50 meters from the Central Pharmacy. Many bus lines stop there.