Anti-COVID vaccination at the Central Pharmacy (update 07/20/2022)

Updated: Jul 20

The Central Pharmacy of Charleville-Mézières offers you a full anti-COVID vaccination service, for patients from 5 years of age. Book an appointment online. The vaccines available at the Central Pharmacy are:

  • PFIZER vaccine (messenger RNA technology): vaccination schedule in 2 doses, from 12 years old,

  • PFIZER PEDIATRIC vaccine (messenger RNA technology): vaccination schedule in 2 doses, from 5 years of age,

  • MODERNA vaccine (messenger RNA technology): vaccination schedule in 2 doses, from 12 years old, vaccine not recommended for under 30s

  • NOVAVAX vaccine (recombinant protein technology): vaccination schedule in 2 doses, from 18 years old,

Regarding the booster dose, this is possible with both vaccines. The booster dose can now be injected 3 months after the 2nd dose. The health pass remains valid for 4 months after the 2nd injection. The health pass is conditional on the booster dose.

The 4th dose booster is also open to 60-year-olds at the Central Pharmacy and now to people aged 18 to 60 since 07/20/2022 according to 3 indications: pregnant women, people at risk of a severe form of COVID-19 and people living in the entourage or in regular contact with vulnerable or immunocompromised people (cocooning strategy).

This 4th injection is done at least 6 months after the 3rd dose (except for people aged 80 and over: from 3 months after the 3rd dose) and greatly reduces the risk of hospitalization in the event of new contamination. Vaccination is carried out within the establishment, in a suitable room, in complete confidentiality. The pharmacy will give you the necessary documents to certify your vaccination status (QR code ...). Concerning the vaccination of minors (5 years and over): it is possible in pharmacies and parental permission will be required at the time of vaccination. Do you want to collect your vaccination certificate? Go to the Health Insurance teleservice. Help available: Pharmacovigilance information concerning vaccines, scientifically validated and regularly updated, is available on the ANSM website at the following address: See you soon at the Central Pharmacy.

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