Health pass in Charleville-Mézières (update 03/13/2022)

Updated: Mar 13

From March 14, 2022: the health pass is no longer required except in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and retirement homes.

What is the health pass?

This is the presentation of proof of current non-contamination with COVID, full anti-COVID vaccination or recovery from COVID

  1. Non-contamination: it is sufficient to have carried out an antigen test or RT-PCR. The test must be negative and be less than 24 hours old (since 11/25/2021).

  2. COVID vaccination: all you need is a complete vaccination schedule

  3. Vaccines in 2 doses or 1 dose with a history of COVID: the health pass is valid 2 weeks after the last injection and for 7 months. After this 7-month period, a reminder must be given to revalidate the health pass (from 12/15/2021 in patients over 65 and from January 15, 2022 in adults).

  4. Vaccine in 1 dose (Janssen): the health pass is validated 4 weeks after the injection

  5. Certificate of Recovery from COVID: Certificate of positive test more than 11 days and less than 6 months. After this 6-month period, you must either be vaccinated (1 dose) or carry out tests again to benefit from a health pass. An infection is equivalent to an injection of vaccine as part of obtaining the health pass, regardless of the time of infection (since 11/25/2021).

How do I get my health pass through the Central Pharmacy?

  1. Carrying out antigenic tests with and without an appointment: a test certificate is given to you and includes the QR CODE.

  2. Carrying out anti-COVID vaccines by appointment only: a vaccination certificate is given to you, when the vaccination is complete, it includes the QR CODE which will be active as soon as the deadline after vaccination is respected.

How to use the certificate issued by the Pharmacy?

You just have to keep it with you or download the AntiCovid application to scan it and always have it in your phone.

Link for downloading the application.

Link for the application's FAQ.

How do I get my certificates from my home?

To collect your vaccination certificate: go to the Health Insurance website

To retrieve your test certificate: go to the SI-DEP website

If necessary, the members of the Pharmacy team are at your disposal for any questions concerning the health pass and the solutions provided by the Pharmacy.

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