The Central Pharmacy provides you with all the services and products to support you in all your health needs. The services available to you are varied and for the most part free or covered by Social Security (blood pressure measurement, blood sugar measurement, orthopedic measurement, COVID tests, angina tests, influenza vaccines, vaccines against COVID, ...). The products available to you are varied (medicines, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, homeopathy, baby range, cosmetics, parapharmacy, OTC drugs or advice, veterinary products, etc.). Here you will find the various products and services provided by the Central Pharmacy of Charleville-Mézières. The brands and ranges mentioned on our website are those with which the establishment works preferentially and which are available immediately. However, all products can be ordered and are usually available within 24 hours. The list of services contains links to their precise description. Some services can be booked online.


Our services:

  • OTC and prescription drugs

  • Orthopedics and restraint

  • Medical material

  • Fight against infectious diseases

    • Influenza and COVID vaccination
    • COVID-19 antigen tests

  • 24 hour drugstore

  • Support for cancer patients

  • Support for the elderly

  • Support for diabetic patients

  • Support for pregnant women and infants

  • Homeopathy, aromatherapy and phytotherapy products
  • Cosmetics and hygiene products
  • Veterinary products


Our products and ranges (coming soon).