The Central Pharmacy guarantees you a wide choice of OTC drugs (without prescription) in order to settle the little worries of daily life. Our pharmacists will support you in your health needs and provide you with the advice you need.

The Central Pharmacy also guarantees the delivery of all your prescription treatments. The preferred brands of generic drugs are TEVA and ARROW. In case of unavailability of your treatment in our stock, we assure you that it will be made available within half a day via one of our wholesaler-distributors (OCP, ALLIANCE HEALTHCARE). For "rare" drugs, the Pharmacy can also ensure stocking according to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Sending a prescription online is possible via the dedicated form . In addition, delivery is free and possible in Charleville-Mézières and surroundings.



The Central Pharmacy guarantees you a wide choice for your orthopedic treatments and medical restraint needs (THUASNE, LOHMANN and INNOTHERA brands).

Historically specialized in medical orthopedics, a skill now ensured by the DUEC orthopedic university diploma and small equipment from the current pharmacist, the Central Pharmacy can provide all types of standard orthopedic equipment:

  • ankle braces

  • knee braces

  • wrist splints

  • finger splints

  • splints for children

  • cervical collars

  • lumbar belts

  • pregnancy belts

  • Orthopedic sole

  • walking boots

  • CHUT shoes

The Central Pharmacy is also able to make custom-made orthopedic equipment for you. The Central Pharmacy also provides external breast prostheses.

The Central Pharmacy also provides you with venous compression equipment: stockings, knee-highs and compression tights as standard and made-to-measure.

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The Central Pharmacy supports you in your specific needs related to your requests for medical equipment.

  • For rent

    • aerosols (chronic and acute bronchitis)

    • draws milk

    • hospital bed and accessories

    • continuous positive pressure medical device (sleep apnea)

    • medical oxygen

    • wheel chairs

    • patient lifts, patient lifts and patient lifts

    • electrostimulators

  • Purchase

    • walking sticks

    • english canes

    • walkers

    • pierced chairs

    • anti-decubitus cushions and mattresses

    • wheel chairs

    • shower chairs